11 (of the many) Reasons We Love Bookmarks

11 (of the many) Reasons We Love Bookmarks

Why use a bookmark? Why not just reach for a receipt? Or dog ear the page? (Insert: woozy face emoji.) Jokes aside, we get it! Even as a bookmark biz run by readers, we understand bookmarks may not seem like something you need. But once you start using a bookmark you love... it's something you'll want to carry with you for so many reasons. Here are 11 of them... 

1. They're glimmers: Have you heard of glimmers? They're the opposite of triggers and spark feelings of joy, peace, and comfort. For us, bookmarks do all of the above and more, reminding us to slow down, read awhile, and treasure the little moments that make up our lives. 

2. Bookmarks protect pages: Keep those lovely pages in good condition. They deserve to be free of creases, tears, and rips, don't ya think? 

3. They offer a gentle contrast to all things digital: Don't get us wrong, we are grateful for the internet, social media, our phones, and Google Maps. But holding something real in our hands -- especially something made with care -- is irreplaceable. 

4. Bookmarks are thoughtful gifts for readers: Very functional and thoughtful, bookmarks are a safe and sweet way to show a book lover you know how much they love to read. Go the extra mile and gift them a custom bookmark that's made just for them.

5. They're conversation starters: Bookmarks are a fun way to share pops of personality and may even spark conversation when you're out and about. We've made friends at coffee shops, doctor's offices, and FedEx over a shared love of pretty bookmarks. 

6. They're so much lovelier than receipts, post-its, scrap pieces of paper... We've all been there, but once you go Page Petal you never go back ;) 

7. And WAY better than dog-earing pages: Enough said! 

8. They bring a sense of familiarity wherever you go: Whether you're traveling or simply commuting to work, a bookmark captures a feeling of comfort and peace when you're on on-the-go. 

9. Bookmarks are oddly thrilling: Small pockets of joy are something to get excited about! 

10. They last for years and years: We make our bookmarks with long-lasting materials and preserved real flowers so they look beautiful for many, many years. 

11. Just because: Bookmarks are special. They serve a kind purpose to mark our spots and help us remember where we left off -- no matter how much time has passed. How sweet is that?

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