About Us

Page Petal was birthed in a book club.

Members of the Finer Things Club in Phoenix needed bookmarks with a style that matched the class of their reading material and the sophistication of their conversations. (;

At the inaugural meeting of the Finer Things Club, Gloria White distributed fresh-pressed, carefully-preserved flowers to reflect the love and appreciation she shared for her friends.

Thus, Page Petal was born.

Each Page Petal Bookmark is crafted and delivered as an invitation of friendship and a memento to remind you of the beauty in life.

Over the course of life, your books will expand the world-view you carry, invite you into the fantastic minds of authors from generations past, provide you wisdom that cost others greatly to learn, and provide you peace in your sorrow.

Don’t settle for a basic bookmark in between the pages of your books. Gift a handmade Page Petal Bookmark to a fellow book lover in your life or slip one into your next read. It will truly put a smile on your face each time you step away from reality to read a while. 

Welcome to the #finerthingsbookclub


Gloria White