5 Favorite Flower-Pressed Bookmark Combinations

5 Favorite Flower-Pressed Bookmark Combinations

Some things are simply better together. Blankets and tea. Hermione and Ron. Books and flowers. Saturdays and sweatpants. To celebrate the magic of two things complementing each other, we're highlighting some of our favorite flower-pressed bookmark combinations. Some are classic duos (hello, Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby). Others just look oh-so-pretty when paired on the same page.  But all of them make us want to curl up with a book and do what we do best, read! And as we end October and inch closer to the whirlwind of holiday season, wherever you are, we hope your days are full of your favorite combos of simple pleasures. 📚🌸

Have you paired any Page Petal bookmarks together? Let us know your favorite pairings in the comments! 

1. Classic: Daisy Buchanan & Gatsby Bookmarks

However you feel about Daisy and Gatsby's love story, we can probably all agree that this bookmark pairing is one for the books! Pun intended :) Shop now: Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby

2. Brave: Klaus Baudelaire & Rhysand Bookmarks

Why not bring together book-loving & brave Klaus from A Series of Unfortunate Events and protective Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses? We think they'd complement each other just as much IRL as they do as bookmarks! Shop now: Rhysand and Klaus Baudelaire

3. Imaginative: The Anne of Green Gables Bookmarks Collection

Classic fictional characters with a floral twist! Diana Barry, Anne Shirley, and Gilbert Blythe make us want to daydream, read, and repeat. You in? Shop now: The Anne of Green Gables Bookmark Collection

4. Magical: The Harry Potter Bookmarks Collection

Harry Potter Bookmarks

Potterheads, this collection is made for you. Bring a piece of Hogwarts to your home with our Harry Potter Bookmark Collection, complete with Luna Lovegood, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter. Shop now: The Harry Potter Bookmark Collection.  

5. Memorable: Maxon Schreave, Draco Malfoy, and Mr. Bingley  

A snapshot of three memorable male characters from some of our all-time favorite books: Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter, Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice, and Maxon Schreave from The Selection SeriesIf only we could get these fictional characters into the same room! In the meantime, three bookmarks in the same book will just have to do :) Shop now: Maxon Schreave, Mr. Bingley, and Draco Malfoy

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