9 Books to Read if You Love Road Trips

9 Books to Read if You Love Road Trips

There’s something special about a road trip: traveling at your own pace and discovering hidden gems in towns you didn’t know existed. Plus, who doesn’t love car snacks and curated playlists? (Answer: no one!)  To celebrate slower journeys, we compiled a list of books that feature road trips across the world. Some are based in the Midwest and others take readers on a mental escape to other countries, but all of them show the power of road trips to connect, empower, and bring out the most unexpected moments of life. 

Here are 9 books to inspire your next road trip: 

1. The Wangs vs. The World by Jade Chang

The Wangs vs The World

This is a comical novel centered on a Chinese immigrant family’s road trip from Bel-Air to upstate New York. With a “riches to rags” storyline, The Wangs vs. The World is perfect for fans of “Schitt’s Creek.”

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2. The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary

The Road Trip

What do you do when you get into a car accident with an ex on the way to a wedding you’re both going to? That’s the challenge for Addie in The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary. It’s a story of sisterhood, soul-searching, and an epic road trip to Scotland. Yes, please. 

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3. Lost and Found by Brooke Davis

Lost & Found

When seven-year-old Millie is abandoned by her mother at a mall, she finds two quirky strangers to help her get her mom back. This leads to an eccentric journey through rural Australia, and touching moments of loss and love. 

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4. Unpregnant by Jeni Hendriks and Ted Caplan

Unpregnant by Hendriks & Caplan

Unpregnant is a story of two ex-best friends, one road trip from Missouri to New Mexico, and a bunch of wacky adventures that involve cow statues, ex-boyfriends, and stolen cars.  After you finish the book, you can also watch the HBO movie, starring Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira. 

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5. The Red Car by Marcy Dermansky

The Red Car

Leah travels from Queens to San Francisco to pick up her deceased mentor’s red sports car that was left to her, all to discover there’s more to life and so much more to herself.

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6. Epic Drives of the World by Lonely Planet

Epic Drives of the World

Epic Drives of the World is a non-fiction book full of inspiration for trips everywhere from the Middle East and Africa to the Americas and Europe. Plus, each route offers first-hand accounts, maps, and practical tips about what to see, eat, and explore.

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7. Mariam Sharma Hits the Road by Sheba Karim

This Own Voices novel follows a group of three friends embarking on a road trip to New Orleans from New York. Along the way, they make pit stops at frat parties and honky tonks, bonding through each and every experience.

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  • 8. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

  • Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
  • A YA romance meets road trip novel. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour follows two acquaintances when they take a cross-country trip from Connecticut to California. A must-read for those who love “Elizabethtown” and anyone craving a book with wanderlust vibes. 

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    9. Paper Towns by John Green

  • Paper Towns by John Green
  • Last but not least, Paper Towns by John Green is one of the most popular YA books with a road trip that serves as both a storyline and a bit of a character in itself. It also happens to include one of the best road trip quotes: “That's why I love road trips, dude. It's like doing something without actually doing anything.”And then check out the movie starring Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff, if you haven’t already! 

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  • Do you have a favorite road trip book? Let us know in the comments! And don't forget to bring your handmade flower-pressed bookmark :) 
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