A Cute Roundup of Flower Pressed Bookmarks & Furry Friends

A Cute Roundup of Flower Pressed Bookmarks & Furry Friends

Books are our happy places. We love the sound of pages turning, the smell of bookstores, and the feel of a hardcover in hand. A moment with a book is a moment of peace. We look forward to curling up with a book at the end of the day... flipping pages while waiting in line... and sharing books we love with those we love. It's magical! 

Since we're also obsessed with our furry friends, we thought we'd share a roundup of our handmade flower bookmarks in books and beloved pets. Because why not?! Some of the pics below are from our Page Petal team, and others were shared by our Page Petal community via Instagram! And please share pics of your pets with our bookmarks. We'd looooove to see them. :)

Three of our favorites: books, flower bookmarks & furry friends

 Custom Photo Bookmark - Pup


This cutie pie with a custom photo bookmark. It doesn't get more precious than this...  

 Custom Photo Bookmark - Cat


A cat and a custom photo bookmark! As a team of cat lovers, we are beyond obsessed. 

 Fictional Character Bookmarks


Umm, how cute is this pup paired with Jess Mariano, Luna Lovegood, and Ron Weasley

 Nancy Drew Bookmark


It's the look-back for us. This pup is paired with the Nancy Drew bookmark

 Allie Hamilton Bookmark


Gloria's sweet kitty cat and the Allie Hamilton bookmark. It's currently sold out but take a peek at our custom bookmarks if you'd like to make something similar!

 Fictional Boyfriend Character Bookmarks


Meet George-Bailey, Gloria's pup, featuring Klaus, Ron Weasley, and Peeta Mellark (currently sold out!). 🐶

Mini Custom Bookmark


Marika's dog Olive paired with a custom small bookmark. Trust us, the mini bookmarks are so underrated

If you're as obsessed with your furry friends as we are, make a custom photo bookmark with your BFF. 🐱🐶




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