A Tour of Our Cute & Colorful Page Petal Office

A Tour of Our Cute & Colorful Page Petal Office

Tucked in a quiet and cozy corner of Phoenix, the Page Petal office is our home away from home. It's where we make each flower-pressed bookmark by hand, package them individually with love, and laugh at ourselves as we make TikTok videos.

For about two years, we set up shop at our CEO's home (thank you, Gloria!). We will always have a special place in our hearts for those days, but it feels really good to dedicate a new space to all things Page Petal.

Keep scrolling to see a peek at our office, featuring our mini library and the TV show we can't stop watching. We're so excited to grow this space and community. Thank you so much for your support! 


Before office photo
A peek at the space before we got settled. We immediately loved the floors and saw so much potential to make it our own.

And after... 


As book lovers making products for fellow book lovers, we knew our love for reading had to be reflected in the office. We're having so much fun curating our own Page Petal library complete with a signature stamp and prints based on our favorite novels.   

Marissa, our social media manager, in her element! TikTok and Instagram are two of our favorite ways to communicate with this amazing community, so we knew we had to get a cute corner for alllllll the content.
Making bookmarks is what we do best! Here's lovely Aurora making each flower-pressed bookmark, one pretty petal at a time.  
This is Carissa handling so many of the details that we pride ourselves on, like making each order as special as you deserve -- from the bookmark and the packaging to every customer service request. BTW, big windows and a standing desk are two game changers for an office space.
Sometimes we get surprise visitors, like Gloria's husband Matt, our designated IT helper and mood booster. 
And of course, no office would be complete without coffee and a TV to watch our favorite show of all time.

5 Lessons we've learned from decorating our office:

  • Zones are important: As we were designing the layout of our office, we wanted to create designated spaces for different projects. This has helped us get organized AND stay organized while still feeling collaborative in one shared room. 
  • Wall space is (SO) valuable: To maximize the office, we definitely wanted to take advantage of the walls for storage, personal touches, and books. This gives us more real estate for chairs, desks, and overall breathing room. 
  • It's ok to go slow: We've had so much fun decorating and we have big dreams for our office. But we're taking our time rather than trying to do it all at once. As soon as we stopped putting pressure on ourselves, it made the process a lot more enjoyable.
  • Color makes us happy: There's something special about a minimalist space with crisp white curtains and beige pillows. But we are absolutely loving the way this room is filled with pops of color, whether it's a vibrant couch, a set of bold glassware, or a collection of colorful wall art. 
  • The little details make a big difference: A bouquet of flowers here, a daisy pillow there. These touches may be small but they are big for us! When we look at the office, it truly feels like a reflection of Page Petal. 

We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour! We'd love for your to join us on TikTok and Instagram for regular updates from our team and all things bookish and flowery.  

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