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16 Reading Habits & Quirks Bookworms Are Known For

We’re believers that reading is so much more than a thing we do; it’s a part of our identities as bookworms. The more we read, the more we find ourselves developing little bookish habits and personality quirks. Can you relate? If you're here, you probably do in one way or another! 

From taking pictures of our books to setting reading challenges, here are 16 reading habits our Page Petal team is known for. 📚🐛 Let us know in the comments if you identify with any of them too! 

16 Reading Habits & Quirks Bookworms Are Known For  

1. You carry a book everywhere.

When we say everywhere, we mean everywhere! In true Rory Gilmore fashion, carrying books on-the-go is a perfect way to maximize those spare moments of free time whether you’re waiting in line or sitting on public transportation. 

2. You take pictures of your books as if they’re your BFFS.

Page petal bookmark

Every. Single. Day. Must get our books in their best light! 

3. If you see someone reading a book you’ve read before - you can’t help but say something.

It’s a “meet cute” with a book-loving twist.

4. You’ve created a reading happy place.

Cozy corner with a blanket. Perfect tree with just the right amount of support to lean your back against. Or maybe you love reading on your favorite seat on the bus. Whatever it is, your reading spot is a special place.

5. You have a book tracker or journal.

Goodreads is a popular book tracker. We also love a nice physical journal to write down our reads. Here are a few of our favorite book journals: What I Read Mini Journal, Book Club Journal, and this Reading Journal from Etsy.  

6. You’ve started a book club (or keep talking about wanting to start one).

At Page Petal, we’re huge fans of book clubs because that’s how our Founder decided to start making flower-pressed bookmarks. Read Gloria White’s story

7. You love book challenges. 

Do you strive to read a book or two (or 10) each month? Have you participated in Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge? We see you and we’re right there with you!!  

8. You’re the person who remembers specific quotes from books.

That feeling of stumbling into a beautiful sequence of words that hits your heart in the way only a perfect sentence can! It’s a good one. 

9. If someone doesn’t like a book you loved, you take it personally.

The worst, right? If you’re like us, negative reviews on Goodreads are often painful to read. But it’s also a good reminder that we all have our own unique interpretations - even though some are wrong! Just kidding, sorta :) 

10. You talk about fictional characters as if they’re not fictional. 

Bookworm reading habits

They are real in their own way! 

11. When you finish a book, you often feel sad and happy. 

Saying “goodbye” to a book is soul-satisfying and saddening at the same time. 

12. If someone asks for a book recommendation, you feel a sense of pride... and a bit of stress!

It’s the ultimate compliment, but you also want to give the best recommendation! 

13. You find yourself storing books in odd ways.

If only we had endless shelves and massive bookcases on every wall! Here are creative ways to store your books without using bookshelves

14. You actively support local bookstores and libraries.

Yes, Amazon is a practical resource. However, nothing compares to supporting a local bookstore or library. 

15. Your TBR is intimidating. 

As the saying goes... so many books, so little time. 

16. Your bookmarks are reading companions. 

Arwen bookmark

Of course, we love bookmarks because they prevent damage to a book's pages. But when you find one you love, they also add a bit of extra joy to the reading experience.  

Take a look at our flower-pressed bookmarks. Each one is handmade with love just for you!

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