Which Female Fictional Character Is Most Like You? Take the Quiz!

There are so many incredible female fictional characters. From the brave and bold Hermione Granger to the sentimental and romantic Allie Hamilton, our books are home to truly inspiring role models and courageous friends.

If you've ever wondered which female fictional character is most like you, take our quiz to find out! No matter who you get, we hope this quiz adds a little joy to your day... and maybe even motivates you to read or re-read the book with your character.  Oh, and at the end of the quiz, you'll get a link to the matching pressed-flower bookmark.🌸📖

PS, let us know which fictional character you get in the comments! 


  • I got Allie Hamilton :)

  • I got Hermione Granger🌼

  • Nancy Drew! Love it!

  • I got Bridget Jones! So fun (:

  • I got Allie Hamilton!


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