Behind the Scenes: Peep Our Pressed-Flower Bookmarks From The Garden

Behind the Scenes: Peep Our Pressed-Flower Bookmarks From The Garden

Recently, we started growing our very own Page Petal garden in Phoenix. We've been wanting to make our handmade bookmarks even more sustainable. So we figured, what better way to be more eco-conscious than by planting and growing our own flowers?

The below bookmarks are from our limited-edition "From The Garden Pressed-Flower Bookmarks Collection." They're made with love from petals that were personally planted, picked, and pressed by our team. Meaning no two bookmarks are exactly the same.

For those who are drawn to unique variations rather than uniformity, these bookmarks are perfectly imperfect... a small reminder to celebrate imperfections as beautiful in their own right. 

We hope our bookmarks inspire you and fellow readers to connect with Mother Earth, admire the beauty that exists all around you, and, of course, read more books. 

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Here's a peek behind the scenes at our team hard at work growing the flowers before they're transformed into bookmarks. 

The lovely Carissa and Marissa planting the flowers in our private Page Petal garden.

 The flowers slowly but surely starting to bloom with some TLC from the team before they're transformed into our signature bookmarks :) 

Shop the Perfectly Imperfect "From the Garden" Flower-Pressed Bookmarks

Shop this mini & oh-so-pretty handmade pressed-flower bookmark.

Handmade bookmark - page petal

Shop this pretty peach-colored pressed-flower bookmark.


Handmade Bookmark - Page Petal

Shop this darling multi-colored bookmark.


Take a look at the full collection of pressed flower bookmarks, from bookmarks named after fictional characters to our custom bookmarks. We have something for every reader in your life, including you!

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