Summer Reads: Books our Page Petal Team Read & Loved Recently

Summer Reads: Books our Page Petal Team Read & Loved Recently

What are you reading lately? This summer our Page Petal Team started a book club.  We know, we can't believe we didn't start one sooner either! It has been filled with a lot of romance, a little suspense, and some YA novel-turned-movie beach reads that made us want to pack our bags to North Carolina. We've had so much sharing our bookish thoughts and reading as a team, we thought we'd give you all an update on what we've read so far. :) 

If you're looking for more recommendations we have this list and this list. And check out our handmade flower-pressed bookmarks that pair perfectly with books and make for wonderful gifts for your book club. Happy reading! 

Note: all the books are linked to Bookshop, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.

1. The Summer I Turned Pretty

From Jenny Han, the author of To All The Boys I Loved Before, this book is a summer-y childhood friends to lovers story. We loved it so much, we even created a The Summer I Turned Pretty bookmark collection based off of the series. The best part: Once you finish the first one, there are two more in the series waiting to be read! Get the first book in the trilogy: The Summer I Turned Pretty.

2. From Lukov with Love

Ice skating, enemies to lovers storyline, a big family with a beautiful mother-daughter relationship -- these are just some of the fun elements that make From Luke With Love so captivating. This was Aurora's pick for our Page Petal book club and we all agreed it was a super enjoyable read that made us want to put on a sparkly costume and go ice skating. Get the book: From Lukov With Love.  

3. Everything We Didn’t Say

While we love our fun, breezy romance novels, we also like to mix things up! Everything We Didn't Say by Nicole Baart definitely changed up our reading routine and we loved every minute of it. It's a classic-meets-modern suspenseful book that takes place in Iowa with a true crime podcast forcing a family to confront their past. It's a page turner with two timelines in one story and compelling characters that you feel as if you know. You in? Get the book: Everything We Didn't Say

4. One Italian Summer

One Italian Summer
We'll be real: This book had us at the cover! We loved the beautiful story that made us feel like we were eating, seeing, and soaking up the magic of Italy. Even though this book is set in picturesque Positano, this story also unpacks very real, hard realities, mainly grappling with the loss of a parent/best friend. It's a tearjerker (you've been warned!). Get the book: One Italian Summer.

5. Book Lovers

Book Lovers
This is one of those books that has so many oddly perfect metaphors and witty remarks of dialogue, we often had to pause and just enjoy the experience of reading Emily Henry. We loved reading about the beautiful bond between sisters, the magic of big cities (like New York) and small towns (like Sunshine Falls), and, of course, the banter-filled love story. If you haven't already read her other books  (unlikely), but we highly recommend Beach Read and People We Meet On Vacation. Get the book: Book Lovers.

6. Things We Never Got Over

Things We never got over

Runaway bride, grumpy love interest, and small town. Need we say more? This story is such a fun ride that keeps you guessing and immediately gets you hooked after the first chapter. Months after finishing it, we're still thinking about it!  Get the book: Things We Never Got Over. 

7. November 9

November 9

When we heard this book was based on a love story where two people who can't be together meet up on the same day every year, we were instantly in. But this is Colleen Hoover, author of Verity, so it involves lots of twists and turns.... and some more twists and turns. Let's just say it is hard to put down. Get the book: November 9

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