Sweet Bookish Gift Ideas for Easter + Springtime (Or Anytime)

Sweet Bookish Gift Ideas for Easter + Springtime (Or Anytime)

Have you purchased something for yourself recently that brightens your life?

For me, it's a $5.99 heart mug. There's something about it that makes me smile when I see it in the cupboards... and when I drink out of it while I read & work... and again when I put it away until the next time we meet again for coffee or tea. Maybe it's the pastel pink color, the cute handle, or the way it's smaller than the other mug friends -- and all the more special because it's different. 
Heart Mug


Whatever it is, this little mug has reminded me of how meaningful a sweet something can be in our lives. Turning mundane moments into joyful ones. So in the spirit of spring and Easter celebrations for those who celebrate, we've rounded up a few gifts to welcome in the brighter days. Whether you're filling an Easter basket, treating yourself, or sharing love with a friend, we hope one of these ideas adds a little light to your life. 🐰

8 Bookish Gift Ideas for Easter + Springtime (Or Anytime)

1. Page Petal Cap


Sunnier days call for new caps! Our team is wearing these Page Petal caps non-stop. They're soft and just the right size, and they go with every look. Best of all, they show off our love for two of the loveliest things: flower and books. 

2. Candle

Is it just me or is one of the little luxuries of life lighting a candle while reading a book? If you're looking for a new scent, Prosperity Candle is donating 100% of their proceeds of a Stand With Ukraine Candle to International Medical Corps providing first aid, medicine and lifesaving services to Ukrainians. 

3. Flower Pressed Bookmarks


Bookworms, we know bookmarks come in all shapes and sizes: post-its, receipts, and magazine tear outs. But once you get used to these beauties in between your pages, it's hard (cough cough, close to impossible!) to go back. Each flower-pressed bookmark is handmade with real petals and completely one-of-a-kind.

Tip: If you're shopping for a friend, we suggest getting a bookmark collection so you can keep one for yourself! 

4. Book Bundles

This may be an obvious choice, but a hand-picked book for a reader in your life is incredibly special. Another option is a book subscription that will turn every month into a surprise reading session.  

5. ... or a gift card to a book shop

A gift card to a bookstore is a gift of an outing to wander the aisles, smell the book pages, chat with local book seller, and pick a new read or two at the end. All of these little moments combined with supporting a local bookstore make this treat such a special one. 

6. Cute Mug or Tumbler

A mug full of tea or coffee + a book = a wonderful pair. Are you more interested in iced drinks? Consider this adorable tumbler that's personalized with your reading lover

7.  Picnic Blanket

For readers who love a grassy spot outside, a picnic blanket will be a well-loved keeper. This one is a tried and true choice but if you're looking for something a little "fancier" we love the blankets from Mark & Graham.  

8. Sweets & Snacks 

Sometimes the best gift for a pick-me-up is one that involves sugar. Here are a few recipes on our spring baking bucket lists that would complement any gift set:

Not as into baking? Seattle Chocolates has an adorable and delicious spring trio set that I have been enjoying all weekend long. 

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