Sweet Talk: How Our Team is Spending Valentine's Day

Sweet Talk: How Our Team is Spending Valentine's Day

We don't know about you, but these days we'll welcome any reason to celebrate love ... love with significant others, oneself, best friends, pets, plants, and beyond. That's why we're especially excited for Valentine's Day this year.

To soak up the holiday of hearts and chocolate (and heart-shaped chocolate), below we're sharing how our Page Petal team is spending Valentine's Day. From spa days to a Vegas weekend to lobster cappuccinos (yes, you read that right!), our celebrations all look a little different! It's a fun reminder that there are so many ways to treasure our unique and special relationships in all stages of life.

No matter what you're doing, if you love Valentine's Day or think it's silly, we hope you're doing something that brings you joy. ❤️

Gloria, Page Petal Founder


February 2010, Matthew and I were officially one month into dating. For Valentine’s Day, he took me to a high-end restaurant. It’s safe to say we were both out of our element (at the time I was 19 and Matt was 23).

To impress me, Matt ordered us a delicacy called “lobster cappuccino.” Well when it comes out, it’s quite literally a lobster tail and what looks like a cappuccino. I point out that it might just be the butter on the side, but he insists that it’s a beverage and he knows how these things go. So he goes for a big sip out of the mug. He attempted to save face and said “That’s a great coffee, very rich” while making a smirk. Over the next minute or so his face changed from pleasant, to sour, to thoughtful. Finally he remarked “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I just took a big swig of butter.” I was crying laughing at his expressions and knew this was a guy who could make me smile.

I’m also hosting a Galentine's Day party with my Book Club and we plan on discussing “Reminders Of Him” by Colleen Hoover and filling ourselves up with sweets.

Marissa, Social Media


My best friend and I plan to go to Las Vegas this year for Valentines Day! Though we are not going for that specific occasion, we plan to make a few stops because when in Vegas, right??

Kendall, Page Petal Assistant 


This Valentines Day, my roommate and I are planning on staying the night in! It should be a night full of romcoms, face masks, and cookies. ♥️🍪 I’m really looking forward to our mini self-care extravaganza and hope that all of you enjoy your night with yourself, friends, and loved ones. 💕

Marika, Blogger

I’ll be seeing a movie at a local drive-in with my husband and our fur-ever valentine 🐶. It's a new activity we started in quarantine that I'm planning on keeping as a regular outing! I’m also going to a Galentine’s get-together with a few of my friends and my sister. It’s a great excuse to drink rosé, bake pink frosted sugar cookies, and spend time with some of my favorite people in one place. 

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