The Best Books Our Book-Obsessed Team Read in 2022

The Best Books Our Book-Obsessed Team Read in 2022

What were your favorite books of 2022? If you're like us, sometimes what you wanted to read and what you actually read are two very different piles! Some years we get through more than half the books on our TBR list... other years, only a few handfuls. But it's always fun to reflect on the highlights: the BEST of the best reads of the year. 

Below are some of our team's favorite books of 2022 -- from romance novels and thrillers to essay collections and fantasy fiction. They're books that changed our lens on the world, offered escapes from reality, and reminded us of why we love to read. We'd love to hear your recommendations in the comments below! 

Note: all the books are linked to Bookshop, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.

Gloria: One True Loves & Every Summer After 

This book by Taylor Jenkins Reid tore me into two. I could not wrap my head around being in this main character's situation! How do you choose between your husband (who you thought was dead) and your fiancé (who knows this different version of you)? One True Loves is beautifully written, full of relatable characters, and one of those can't-put-down kinds of stories that will have you saying Just One More Chapter (!!). I was satisfied with the ending, but if you've read it, let me know how you feel! 

Omg. A childhood lake house setting and cute boy neighbor you grew up with? Every Summer After was everything I needed and more! I'm a forever fan of friends-to-lovers and second-chance romance and this book has both and does it so well. With dual timelines and a swoon-worthy setting in Ontario's idyllic cottage country, it will make you feel like you're somewhere else. And it's a beautiful reminder of how the choices we make can change us forever. 

Marissa: It Ends With Us

Time and time again, I was told to read It End With Us. I’m not usually into "cheesy" love stories, however, it exceeded my expectations. What I thought was going to be a typical love triangle turned out to be a must-read story about breaking generational cycles.

Colleen Hoover did an exceptional job depicting the harsh reality of domestic abuse and creating an inspirational character with such courage and realness. I would read this again and recommend it to anyone.

Carissa: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue was my only 5/5 stars for the whole year and it just might be my favorite book of all time. 

“What is a person if not the marks they leave behind?”

An invisible woman tries to leave her mark on the world over the course of centuries while also trying to find a lasting love. The story hopped from 1714 France to modern-day New York City, always leaving suspense at the end of each chapter. The writing was atmospheric, dreamy, poetic, and hauntingly beautiful. I read this book months ago and I’m still not over it (I don’t think I ever will be)! It was the saddest love story I’ve ever read filled with so many stunning quotes, amazing characters, and really everything I ever wanted in a book. 

Marika: These Precious Days & Animal  

I love everything Ann Patchett writes (I mean, everything!) and devoured her other book of essays, This Is A Story of A Happy Marriage. So I had high hopes for These Precious Days. Unsurprisingly, I adored it. This book of essays is humorous, wise, and packed with insights about why we shop, having or not having children, writing, loving, and dying. Every page made me feel like I was having a chat with a brilliant friend while getting to know myself a little better. I have already lent it to a friend and can’t wait to talk about it together. 

I also can’t stop thinking about Animal by Lisa Taddeo. I listened to the audiobook read by Emma Roberts and found it to be fiercely good and intense. It’s just WOW. I took some of my longest walks while listening to Taddeo’s words and when I finished this, I bought all of her other work. 

Most of the story takes place in the LA area, which is where I live, so it’s always interesting to hear about the city from a different perspective than my own. 

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