The Best Gifts for Book Lovers: Candles, Bookmarks & More (2021)

When we're looking for gifts for fellow readers, we seek something unique, beautiful, and functional. (Bonus points if it's handmade and personalized!) Since the holidays are closely approaching, we put together this guide full of gift ideas for book lovers. From guided journals to book nook essentials to actual books, we have something for every bookworm on your list! And if you have any gift suggestions for readers, let us know in the comments. ✨

15 Gifts for Every Reader On Your List (Under $25)

1. Page Petal Tote

Page Petal Tote

For the reader who always carries (at least) one book at all times, give this handy Page Petal Tote Bag. Made with an original floral design and the Page Petal logo,  this tote is one that we hope you’ll love reaching for day after day. Price: $22.99 | Shop now: Page Petal Tote

2. Moon Lists

Moon Lists
 Source: Penguin Random House

This guided journal by Leigh Patterson is full of questions and prompts for self-reflection. Whether you’re filling in observations for your five senses or listing dreams, each page is full of opportunities to get to know yourself better.  Price: $14.99 | Shop now: Moon Lists

3. Plant Magic

Plant Magic
Source: Bookshop

We can’t get enough of the combination of books and plants, which is why we’re so drawn towards this book by Christine Buckley. All about the healing power of plants, this field-guide will change the way you look at the flowers outside your front door! Price: $22.95 | Shop now: Plant Magic

4. Journals

 Source: Made by DWC

The last few years have been a whirlwind. We can all probably use a little space to vent and write our thoughts. We love these beautiful journals from DWC, which are soft-covered and perfectly sized for convenience. The best part: your purchase supports women transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles. Price: $18 | Shop now: Journal.

5. Seeing Stars Book - Zodiac Signs

 Source: Anthropologie

For the person who loves reading their horoscope, these astrology books are fun, vibrant, and full of insightful information about each zodiac sign. It makes a perfect little stocking stuffer or  you can add it to a gift set for an extra personal touch! (While you’re here, see which bookmark matches your zodiac sign!) Price: $11.99 | Shop now: Seeing Stars.

6. Silk Scrunchie

Source: The Local Nomad

Stylish, comfortable, and functional, this Silk Scrunchie is from The Local Nomad (one of our all-time favorite boutiques in Phoenix). Especially for book lovers with long hair, it’s a must-have reading essential to keep hair out of the way! Price: $24 | Shop now: Silk Scrunchie

7. Banned Book Socks

Source: Uncommon Goods

Cozy socks are a reading necessity, but this pair adds a book-loving twist by featuring banned books like The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Lord of the Flies. We love that their subtly mis-matched yet still go together - cute and quirky reading companions. Price: $10 | Shop now: Banned Book Socks

8. Happy Face Slippers

Happy face slippers

Source: Etsy - TaosArtDesign

Does it get any more joyful than these vibrant happy face slippers? Readers will love to get cozy in them while flipping through their book cover to cover! Price: $25 | Shop now: Etsy - TaosArtDesign.  

9. Personalized Hair Clip

Hair Clip

Source: Etsy - LoveLinax

Hair clips are having a moment right now - and we are here for it! These clips from Etsy add a personal touch to this practical accessory by adding custom text and allowing you to choose the text color and clip color.  Plus, it’s just one more way to keep hair out of a reader’s way! Price: $15 | Shop now: Etsy - LoveLinax.

10. Glass Coffee Cup

Source: Etsy- StellarDesignss

Keep your favorite reader hydrated with an adorable Glass Coffee Cup. It’s a fun twist to the classic coffee mug that’s perfect for cold brew, iced tea, matcha, and even your good ol’ glass of water. While we’re partial to the flower and smiley face designs, there’s a variety of other options like hearts, monstera leaves, and rainbows. Price: $13-$17 | Shop now: Etsy - StellarDesignss.

11. Bubble Candles

Source: Botanical Goods Store

Complete a reading nook with these bubble cube pastel candles. They’re made with soy wax and each color matches a different scent (green is bamboo, pink is rose petals, blue is ocean, etc). Price: $9.95 | Shop now: Etsy - BotanicalGoodsStore.

12. Audio Gift Membership

Source: Audible

We can’t overstate our love for audio books. Whether you listen mid-commute, on a walk, or during a workout, audio books are a wonderful way to read more books while maintaining a busy schedule. If you know someone who wants to read more - this is a great way to help them do it! Price: $15  | Shop now: Audible Gift Membership for 1 Month

13. Glitter & Glitz Jumbo Floaty Pens

Source: Be Rooted Co.

Add a little sparkle to the page with these Glitter and Glitz Jumbo Floaty Pens. The pen clip makes it easy to stash on your notepad or book for taking notes about your favorite quotes! Price: $20 | Shop now: Glitter & Glitz Jumbo Floaty Pens.

14. Custom Flower-Pressed Bookmarks 

Gift a reader a present that was handmade just for them! You can customize a flower-pressed bookmark by adding a photo, a favorite quote, or a selection of petals of your choosing. It’s a gift that’s 100% unique :) just like your loved one! Price: $9.99 - $12.99 | Shop now: Page Petal Custom Bookmark

15. Gift Card to Local Bookstore/Bookshop

When in doubt, a gift card to a local bookstore is a sure way to please a book lover's heart. We suggest looking if there’s a bookstore nearby that offers gift cards. Or consider purchasing a card from Bookshop, which is on a mission to financially support local bookstores. Price: You choose! | Shop now: Bookshop Gift Card

Find out which Page Petal Bookmark matches your reading personality!

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