The Best Reading Essentials for Bookworms

The Best Reading Essentials for Bookworms

Books are magical experiences we get to hold in our hands. The best part: all you really need is a book and time to soak up the many benefits of reading. That said, there are plenty of fun "extras" that enhance the wonderful reading experience. From cozy sweaters to beautiful bookmarks, here are 10 bookish essentials we love. Your bookworm sanctuary awaits you! 

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10 Reading Essentials for Bookworms (in addition to books!)

1. Bookmarks: We're starting this list off in true Page Petal fashion! Our handmade flower-pressed bookmarks are the ultimate reading companions; they mark your spot and add beauty to the page. Select one or two, or better yet, get a full collection and share the bookmark love with your book-loving BFFS!  :) 

2. Cozy reading sweater:  A cozy sweater is multi-functional. It can be used as a way to stay warm, a makeshift pillow, or a faux-Kleenex in an emergency for tear-jerking reads. 

3. Candle: An LED candle or soy candle sets the perfect cozy "hygge" reading ambience. 

4. Blanket: If you ask us, it's hard to beat cocooning in a comfy blanket with a good book. Add in a pair of cozy slippers and life is pretty much as good as it gets! 

5. A sturdy mug: A mug to hold your tea, coffee, or mocktail/cocktail is a book-lover's must-have.  We like one that fits in the hand in that oh-so-cozy way... and holds enough liquid to get us through a good chunk of chapters. Here's my favorite mug

6. Book light: While the evidence connecting poor eyesight to reading in the dark is fairly weak, IMO it's nice to not squint while reading. Need a new light? We like this one

7. Reading journal: Keep track of your books with a reading journal. There are plenty of online trackers, but we're partial to a tangible journal we hold in our hands. 

8. Pencil: If you're not borrowing books or renting from the library, we love to mark up our favorite sections and underline wow-worthy sentences. 

9. A tote bag: You'll need some extra storage to hold your books on the go. Might we suggest our Page Petal tote

10. Book ends: Whether or not you have a bookcase that fills an entire wall or a small ledge, book ends are very useful to keep your books organized while adding a statement to a shelf. 

What would you add to this list? Drop your must-haves for the ultimate reading experience in the comments below! 

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