Our A-Z List of the Very Best Rom-Com Books

Our A-Z List of the Very Best Rom-Com Books

We love rom-coms... and long lists of book recs. So we thought we'd combine the two with a list of some of our favorite rom-com novels with titles from A to Z.

Below are 26 romance novels full of humor and heart. Some couples meet on TV sets and cruise ships, while others meet at parties and bookstores. Some of them start as friends, others as enemies. While the plots are varied and the characters range from hopeless romantics to confessed cynics, there's nothing quite like rom-coms to make our bookish hearts fill with joy. Just when we think we've read our favorite, another swoon-worthy novel comes into our lives and we fall in love with the genre all. over. again. 

Looking for more book recs? Check out this list of romance novels.

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Note: most of the books are linked to Bookshop, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. 

(A-Z) Top Comedy Romance Books

Astrid Parker Doesn't Fail

Astried Parker Doesn't Fail

For those who love interior design and romance novels, this is a must-read. It's a queer love story with an HGTV show storyline, lots of banter, and a surprising romance that doesn't go according to plan (it's so much better!). Read the book: Astrid Parker Doesn't Fail.

Book Lovers

Book Lovers


Emily Henry is one of our all-time favorite authors, so it makes sense that her novel Book Lovers is one of our all-time favorite rom-coms. Between the witty banter and a will-they-won't-they storyline, it's impossibly hard to put down. Plus, it's hard not to be obsessed with a couple that shares a passion for reading and local libraries. Read the book: Book Lovers

The Charm Offensive

The Charm Offensive


If you love dating shows, this book will make you feel like you're inside of one! The Charm Offensive centers around a successful dating show producer and the show's star. As they find themselves in a whirlwind experience, a relationship develops that goes off-script. Full disclosure: one of our Page Petal team members finished this book in one sitting, so be prepared to be sucked in from the first page. Read the book: The Charm Offensive

Dating Dr. Dil

Dating Dr. Dil


This rom-com reminded us of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days… so naturally, we loved it. It’s about a love-phobic TV doctor who must convince a love-obsessed homebody they are destined to be together. There are meddling aunts, a high-stakes love search, and an evolving romance that gets more and more swoon-worthy with every page. Read the book: Dating Dr. Dil.


The Ex Hex

The Ex Hex


A witchy romance novel that involves spells, talking cats, and a break-up curse that needs to be broken… before it’s too late. Think: a romantic version of Hocus Pocus. Read the book: The Ex Hex. 

From Lukov With Love

From Lukov With Love

We read From Lukov With Love in our Page Petal book club... and we all wanted to go ice skating immediately after finishing it. This rom-com centers on two feuding professional ice skaters who find themselves in an unlikely partnership. As they push each other to do their best, their relationship gets very intimate (IYKYK). ;) Read the book: From Lukov With Love.

Get A Life, Chloe Brown 

Get A Life, Chloe Brown

We love everything Talia Hibbert writes and this is no exception. Chloe Brown is a chronically ill computer geek who loves lists, plans, and goals. However, her to-do list changes after a defining experience and she enlists the help of her mysterious (and very sexy) neighbor. Read the book: Get A Life, Chloe Brown

Happily Ever Afters

Happily Ever Afters


Described as Jane the Virgin with a touch of To All the Boys I've Loved Before, the story begins when the protagonist gets into a creative writing program and pursues a real-life romance - not just the fictional ones she writes from behind her screen. Read the book: Happily Ever Afters.

It Had To Be You 

It Had To Be You
Full of charm, sparkle, and romance, It Had to Be You follows a series of interwoven love stories that revolve around a wedding planner. Think: Love Actually meets The Wedding Planner. It's even better than we thought it would be (and we were very excited to read this). Read the book: It Had To Be You.

Josh + Hazel's Guide to Not Dating

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating

Two college friends set each other on a bunch of terrible blind dates. What could possibly go wrong? This rom-com is a fun and flirty portrayal of what it’s like to date and shows the humor of (very!) bad first dates. It’s also a reminder that sometimes what you’re looking for is closer than you might think. :) Read the book: Josh + Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

Kiss Her Once For Me

 Kiss Her Once For Me

Kiss Her Once For Me is based on a meet-cute in a bookstore. Dreamy right? However, when Ellie loses her job and faces betrayal, she finds her life is turned upside down and she is faced with the dilemma of choosing the safe route… or taking a big risk for real love. Read the book: Kiss Her Once For Me

The Love Hypothesis 

The Love HypothesisSlow, steady, and sexy, this relationship is one that gets better with every page. We love how the different layers of each character develop over time and the way Olive Smith and Adam Carlsen bring out new sides of each other, sometimes parts they didn't even know they had. Read the book: The Love Hypothesis.  PS, we made a bookmark based on the male protagonist, Adam Carlsen

Meet Cute Club

Meet Cute Club

When Jordan goes to a bookstore to pick up a new romance for his book club, he ends up meeting Rex: a snarky and very handsome employee who ends up joining his club. Jordan learns that people can surprise you in the best ways... and first impressions aren't always the full story. Read the book: Meet Cute Club

Nora Goes Off Script

Nora Goes Off Script

One marriage’s end is the start of a whole new life for Nora. Here’s the gist: When her husband leaves her, Nora writes the best script of her life that is picked up for the big screen. One thing leads to another and she ends up spending a week with the sexy actor who played her “husband” in the book-turned-movie. It’s a vibrant and relatable novel that shows sometimes the best chapters come after disappointing ones. Read the book: Nora Goes Off Script.

Opposite Of Always 

Opposite of always

Opposite Of Always is about a couple (Jack and Kate) that meets at a party. They fall in love fast, but then Kate dies. While this seems like the end of their story, Jack finds himself in a mind-bending “ground hog’s day” universe and he tries to save her life. The thrilling plot will draw you in. But the way this story is told with humor and heart made it a story that changed the way we look at decisions and choices we make. Read the book: Opposite of Always.

The Proposal

The Proposal

A bad ending that is actually a happy beginning is the premise behind this swoon-worthy romance novel by Jasmine Guillory. One of our favorite parts of their connection is how they each maintain their individuality over the course of their relationship. They enhance and complement each other instead of "completing" each other, which is #CoupleGoals at its best. Read the book: The Proposal.

The Kiss Quotient

the kiss quotient

We know, this book doesn’t start with a Q but it’s at least in the title! The Kiss Quotient centers on an ambitious and witty female protagonist with Asperger’s who falls in love in an unexpected way. It’s an original story with unapologetic characters that’ll make you embrace yourself a little more for all that you are. Read the book: The Kiss Quotient. 


Red White & Royal Blue

Red White And Royal Blue


The fake bromance to actual romance storyline plus hilarious banter and insightful political commentary makes this couple one of THE most memorable love stories (soon to be a movie!). Their chemistry is undeniable and it's impossible not to love this story as they each pursue their individual goals and celebrate their identities. Read the book: Red, White & Royal Blue. 



When a work-obsessed marketing manager and her arch-nemesis are on the same cruise AND competing for the same promotion, it’s no surprise things aren’t “smooth sailing.” As they explore the islands together, things change—not just between them but within themselves. Read the book: Shipped

The Twelve Dates of Christmas

Twelve Dates of Christmas


Christmas and romance: two of our favorite things in one book! The Twelve Dates of Christmas takes place in England (obsessed), there’s a dating agency that promises to help single people find love before the holidays, and the main character has a side hustle as a baker. It’s basically a cozy bookish dream come true! Read the book: The Twelve Dates of Christmas

The Upside of Falling

Upside of Falling

If you love a good "fake relationship" storyline, The Upside of Falling is a must-read. Becca, a 17-year-old who is sick of being teased for not having a boyfriend, makes up a love interest to her best friend. Brett, a football captain who is more focused on his future than prom dates, overhears the lie and sees the perfect opportunity to appear to be dating... without actual dating. Read the book: The Upside of Falling.

Vision in White

vision in whiteA wedding photographer falls *literally* for the bride-to-be’s brother in this swoon-worthy romance novel. It starts as a casual fling, but like most rom-coms things don’t always stay the course. There’s an all-star group of friends, bridezillas, and a will-they-won’t-they plot that makes a Vision In White such a joy from the first to the final chapter. Read the book: Vision in White

Well Met 

When Emily moves to Willow Creek to help her sister recover from an accident, she finds herself in a phase of self-discovery. She ends up volunteering with her niece at a Renaissance Faire where she meets a stuffy yet occasionally flirty English teacher  (see: book cover!). And of course, there's a local bookstore paired with Shakespeare reenactments to make everything come full circle.  Read the book: Well Met



A professional cellist’s world is changed when she falls in love with a K-pop idol. It’s the perfect read for someone who loves a forbidden romance plot, captivating character, and, of course, K-POP (aka everyone!). Read the book: XOXO.

You Had Me at Hola

You Had Me At Hola


Telenovelas, private rehearsals, and a behind-the-scenes romance? Yes, please!!  We already had this book on our list and we knew we were going to love it when we read Jasmine Guillory’s rave review: “I could not get enough of Jasmine and Ashton! I adored Jasmine--her ambition, her confidence, her attacks of self-doubt, and especially her hilarious, snarky, and loving cousins. She and Ashton have such a steamy, swoony, love story that I didn't want the book to end!” Read the book: You Had Me At Hola


The A to Z of Us

the A to Z of us

A fitting way to end this list! The A to Z of Us is a heartfelt romantic comedy about a self-confessed cynic (Alice) who finds herself falling for a heartfelt romantic (Zach) after meeting at an art gallery. Can he change the way she looks at love? Find out! Read the book: The A to Z of Us


More Rom Coms We Love to Love

As we were writing this list, there were so many books we wanted to add. Here are just a few we had to share:

  • Beach Read & People We Meet on Vacation: You can't go wrong with anything by Emily Henry. Both of these books are relatable, witty, and romantic in their own unique ways.  
  • The Hating Game by Sally Thorne: After you finish the book, watch the movie with Lucy Hale.
  • The Wedding Date and Party of Two: Anything by Jasmine Guillory is worth reading!
  • The Flatshare:  Besides having the cutest book cover of all time, this novel is a feel-good read that asks the question: what if your soulmate is your roommate? 
  • When Katie Met Cassidy: A "read in one sitting" kind of novel that takes place in NYC and shows how sometimes the best love stories are the ones we don't predict. 
  • The Rosie Project: A laugh out loud novel that's about as enchanting as it gets.
  • The Unhoneymooners: Christina Lauren's novel is enemies-to-lovers at its best! 

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