Visit Us! Where You Can Shop Page Petal (Part 2)

Visit Us! Where You Can Shop Page Petal (Part 2)

There's something so special about small boutiques. We love the feeling of being surrounded by lovely things that are thoughtfully sourced and curated with care. We find a good boutique is one that makes us feel as if we're getting recs from a very stylish friend with the most fabulous eye for treasures. And at Page Petal, we're incredibly grateful to have our pressed-flower bookmarks featured at some of our absolute favorite shops! 

Take a peek at some of the beautiful stores sharing Page Petal, along with many other unique goods that you're sure to love as much as we do. If you want to explore more local boutiques we love, check out Part 1 here. 🥰

Same Same, Online Shop 

Same Same is a lovely one-stop shop for goods, gifts, and unique gems. As flower lovers, we especially love the floral art prints and flower candle holders in the home collection. And how pretty are these felt fairies? We're so grateful our pressed-flower bookmarks are in such sweet company.

Muse Apparel - Phoenix, Arizona 

This boutique is a breath of fresh air. It's easy to fall in love with the colorful clotheson-trend sunnies, and the collection of books (featuring our pressed-flower bookmarks!). If you're ever in Phoenix we highly recommend stopping by in person to smell all the candles and admire all the pretty dresses. 

The Merc - Lincoln, Nebraska

This boutique carries so many finds that we want in our homes. The ceramics, dainty bracelets, and funny greeting cards make us smile and eager to add everything to our carts. So much to love! 

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