30 Heart-Melting Emily Henry Quotes Worth Underlining

30 Heart-Melting Emily Henry Quotes Worth Underlining

We love Emily Henry novels for so many reasons: the love stories, the sense of place, and the way she captures our love for books in a way we didn't know was possible. (How does she take the words straight from our hearts!) 

Each of her novels has so many quotes we just must underline, highlight, star, and memorize because they're just *that* special. So we figured, why not compile our favorite quotes from all of her swoon-worthy novels --- from Beach Read to Happy Place.

Keep scrolling to read (and re-read) quotes about life, romance, and the beauty of bookshops from the wonderful world of Emily Henry books. Let us know your favorite Emily Henry quotes in the comments - we know this is only a tiny snippet! 

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Emily Henry Quotes About Romance 

“When I watch you sleep," he said shakily, "I feel overwhelmed that you exist.” ~Beach Read

“I don't think I knew I was lonely until I met you.” ~People We Meet on Vacation

“I’ve never met someone who is so perfectly my favorite person.” ~Beach Read

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“I wish I could bottle this moment and wear it as a perfume. It would always be with me. Everywhere I went, he’d be there too, and so I’d always feel like myself.” ~People We Meet on Vacation

“No," he says quietly. "In every universe, it's you for me. Even if it's not me for you.” ~Happy Place

"I dreamed about Gus Everett and woke up needing a shower." ~Beach Read 🔥

"I always like that thought, the way two people really did seem to grow into one. Or at least two overlapping parts, trees with tangled roots. Love, after all, was often made not of shiny things but practical ones. Ones that grew old and rusted only to be repaired and polished." ~Beach Read

"Love means constantly saying you're sorry, and then doing better." ~Happy Place

“Sometimes it feels like I didn't even exist before that. Like you invented me.” ~People We Meet on Vacation

“You are in all of my happiest places.” ~Happy Place

“It’s fascinating. How so much of love is about who you are with someone.” ~People We Meet on Vacation

I’ll never belong anywhere like I belong with you.” ~People We Meet on Vacation

“I love you," I tell him. "In every universe.” ~Happy Place

Emily Henry Quotes About Humanity and Life

“People were complicated. They weren't math problems; they were collections of feelings and decisions and dumb luck.” ~Beach Read

“A reminder that there are things in life so valuable that you must risk the pain of losing them for the joy of briefly having them.” ~Book Lovers

“Like even when something beautiful breaks, the making of it still matters.” ~Happy Place

“Sometimes a change of scenery is all that’s needed to get a little perspective.”  ~People We Meet on Vacation

Heart-Melting Emily Henry Quotes

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“That’s life. You’re always making decisions, taking paths that lead you away from the rest before you can see where they end. Maybe that’s why we as a species love stories so much. All those chances for do-overs, opportunities to live the lives we’ll never have.” ~Book Lovers

“I want my life to be like-like making pottery. I want to enjoy it while it's happening, not just for where it might get me eventually.” ~Happy Place

“It hurts to want it all, so many things that can't coexist within the same life.” ~People We Meet on Vacation

“Maybe it’s possible to have more than one home. Maybe it’s possible to belong in a hundred different ways to a hundred different people and places.” ~Book Lovers

“You can’t outrun yourself. Not your history, not your fears, not the parts of yourself you’re worried are wrong.” ~People We Meet on Vacation

“I know feeling small gets to some people, . . . but I kind of like it. Takes the pressure off when you’re just one life of six billion at any given moment. And when you’re going through something hard . . . it’s nice to know you’re not even close to the only one.” ~Beach Read

"And that was the moment I realized: When the world felt dark and scary, love could whisk you off to go dancing; laughter could take some of the pain away; beauty could punch holes in your fear. I decided then that my life would be full of all three." ~Beach Read

Emily Henry Quotes About Books and Reading 

“Is there anything better than iced coffee and a bookstore on a sunny day? I mean, aside from hot coffee and a bookstore on a rainy day.” ~Book Lovers

“The last-page ache. The deep breath in after you’ve set the book aside.” ~Book Lovers

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“Sometimes, even when you start with the last page and you think you know everything, a book finds a way to surprise you.” ~Book Lovers

“That was what I'd always loved about reading, what had driven me to write in the first place. That feeling that a new world was being spun like a spiderweb around you and you couldn't move until the whole thing had revealed itself to you.” ~Beach Read

“Some books you don’t read so much as live, and finishing one of those always makes me think of ascending from a scuba dive. Like if I surface too fast I might get the bends.” ~Book Lovers

“Like a good book or an incredible outfit, being on vacation transports you into another version of yourself.” ~People We Meet on Vacation

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