Our Team's Favorite Cozy Reading Sweaters for Fall

Our Team's Favorite Cozy Reading Sweaters for Fall

It's finally fall! Our favorite season for drinking cozy lattes, reading as many books as we possibly can from our TBR pile, and wearing all the cozy sweaters. While we have a hard time meeting a sweater we don't like, there's always one or two that become go-tos in our weekly rotation. Here we're sharing our team's favorite sweatshirts these days, perfect for reading marathons all autumn long. 

Hey Bookworm Sweater

I love this sweatshirt so much! It's so easy to throw on with any outfit and feel cozy but still put together. Especially since I'm pregnant (due in a few months!) I appreciate extra comfort these days! - Gloria 

Corduroy Jacket 

I wear this jacket on repeat in the fall and winter. I love the roomy fit and color. Unfortunately, I can't find it online anymore, but this Etsy jacket, this one from Target, and this Ambercrombie jacket are pretty similar. - Marissa

Collared Quilted Pullover

I've been loving the collared look lately. I got this one from Nordstrom Rack last year, but here are a few similar styles: this cropped onethis one from Orvis, and this one from Target.  - Carissa. 

So Many Books, So Little Time Sweater

This So Many Books, So Little Time sweatshirt is super comfy and the pop of color is perfect for fall and winter. I'm not surprised it sold out so quickly! Should we bring it back? Let us know in the comments :)  - Aurora 

 Luke's Diner Sweater 

Ever since we launched the new Gilmore Girls bookmarks, I've been re-watching the series and couldn't help myself from buying this cute sweatshirt from Etsy. It makes me happy every time I put it on. - Marika 


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