Gift Picks: Year Round Gifts For Just Because

Gift Picks: Year Round Gifts For Just Because

Birthdays, graduations, housewarmings, book club anniversaries, weddings — these are just some of the many, many celebrations that make our lives feel so special. They’re reminders of how far we’ve come...  and reflect on how much we’re grateful for!

However, we’re also believers that everyday moments are equally as worthy of cherishing, like coffee dates with friends, heart-filling chats with co-workers, and walks outside with neighbors. We love the magic of connection in all forms and love to honor this connection with thoughtful gifts. 🤍

8 Everyday Gifts That Are Memorable & Meaningful

Below we compiled a few of our go-to gifts for ALL life’s special moments. Whether you’re shopping for a milestone or a “just because” present, these gifts are wonderful ways to let someone know you’re thinking about them. A small gesture can go a long way!

1. Handmade Flower-Pressed Bookmarks

Flower lovers, bookworms, and really anyone who appreciates a handmade gift will find delight in our handmade flower-pressed bookmarks. Every bookmark is completely unique, made with real flowers, and named after fictional characters. From our Gilmore Girls collection to our From The Garden collection, we have something for everyone. 

2. Tote Bag


Give the gift of a helping hand! We love using our Page Petal tote bag as a reusable gift bag, a gift in itself, or even a way to spruce up a gift package. Think: a tote bag, flowers, and a new book = a dream gift. 

3. Custom Photo Bookmark

It’s hard to go wrong with a custom photo bookmark! We love these for wedding gifts, baby gifts, the list goes on and on. 

4. Cozy Sweater

A new cozy sweatshirt is one of life’s little luxuries! Our Hey Bookworm sweater is like a hug in clothing form. It’s soft, roomy, and everything you want your favorite sweater to be. 

5. Page Petal Cap

10/10 recommend a baseball hat for a gift nearly everyone will love. Our Page Petal Cap is soft with a perfectly worn-in feel that looks good and feels good. 

6. Custom Quote Bookmark

Put favorite lyrics, a special quote, or words of encouragement on a custom quote bookmark. Either way, this is a gift that will be treasured for years and years to come. 

7. Bookworm Blisswear Set

blisswear bookworm set

Does it get any cuter than our Bookworm Blisswear Set? The answer is no! Cozy, cute, and the perfect set for curling up with a book on the couch, on the bed, at the park, anywhere, and everywhere. 

8. A Tried-and-True Book

When in doubt, a thoughtful book is a wonderful way to show someone you value them. Looking for a new book rec? Check out our lists below!

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