Swifties! 13 Books Inspired By Taylor Swift's Midnights

Swifties! 13 Books Inspired By Taylor Swift's Midnights

Calling all Swifties and bookworms! When it comes to perfect combinations, few things are as wonderful as Taylor Swift and books. And since we love to love all things Taylor, here's our list of books that have kept us up past midnight, all inspired by her tenth studio album.

From romance novels to suspenseful reads, below are thirteen page-turning, heart-filling and heartbreaking books. While you're here, check out our list of bookish romance novels, summer reads, and thrillers.

Side A 💿 Midnights

Track 1: Beach Read

Beach Read

Buy the book: Beach Read

Two neighbors, one love story, and the beautiful backdrop of a lake make this novel by Emily Henry a standout romance. Much like we can listen to Taylor Swift songs over and over again, this novel is 100% re-read worthy. 

Favorite quote: “Sometimes life is very hard. Sometimes it demands so much of you that you start losing pieces of yourself as you stretch out to give what the world wants to take.”

Track 2: Love And Other Words

Love & Other words

Buy the book: Love & Other Words

This heartwarming story is about childhood sweethearts who reconnect after 10 years apart. It's irresistibly lovable and the kind of book you'll read in one sitting and recommend to all your book-loving friends.  

Favorite quote: “Favorite word?” he whispers. I don’t even hesitate: “You.”

Track 3: The Light We Lost

the light we lost

Buy the book: The Light We Lost.

Two lovers emotionally together but physically separate is the premise behind this novel by Jill Santopolo. While journeys take Lucy and Gabe to separate continents, they never leave each other's hearts.  

Favorite quote: “A woman filled with light makes everything she touches brighter.”

Track 4: Every Summer After

every summer after

Track 5: Normal People

normal people

Buy the book: Normal People.

Meet Connell and Marianne: Connel is popular...  Marianne is more of a loner. They live in the same small town but they feel as if they're living in completely different worlds. However, as soon as these two start talking, things change. As their lives continue to intersect... a connection becomes undeniable.  After you finish this incredible book, watch the Hulu series! 

Favorite quote: “Being alone with her is like opening a door away from normal life and then closing it behind him.”

Track 6: The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue

the invisible lid of Addie elate

Buy the book: The Secret Life of Addie LaRue.

Francophiles, this unique novel starts in France, 1714 when a young woman makes a Faustian bargain to live forever. The catch? She is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets. The story becomes an extraordinary adventure  across centuries and continents. But everything changes three centuries later when a young man in a bookstore remembers her name. 

Favorite quote: “Books, she has found, are a way to live a thousand lives--or to find strength in a very long one.”

Side B 📀Midnights

Track 7: Before We Were Strangers

before we were strangers

Buy the book: Before We Were Strangers.

A Craigslist "missed connection" post gives two people a second chance at love. This book is a reminder that love is worth fighting for even if (especially if) it means going out of your comfort zone. 

Favorite quote: “Poetry is just evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.”

Track 8: Magnolia Parks

Track 9: It Ends With Us

it ends with us

Buy the book: It Ends With Us

A first love threatens a current love, as career-oriented Lily navigates her emotions toward neurosurgeon Ryle and former lover Atlas. This heartbreakingly honest and brave novel by Colleen Hoover will stay with you long after you finish reading it. 

Favorite quote: “All humans make mistakes. What determine a person’s character aren’t the mistakes we make. It is how we take those mistakes and turn them into lessons rather than excuses.”

Track 10: Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park

Track 11: One Day In December

One Day in December

Buy the book: One Day in December.

Do you believe in love at first sight? This story may change your mind! Laurie is pretty sure it doesn't... until one day she sees a man through a misted bus window and everything changes. 

Favorite quote: “Sometimes you just meet the right person at the wrong time...”

Track 12: November 9

November 9

 Buy the book: November 9

November 9 is based on a story where two people who can't be together meet up on the same day every year. But this is Colleen Hoover, author of Verity, so it involves plenty of twists and turns.... and even more twists and turns. Warning: it's very difficult to put down, which is why it's on this list!

Favorite quote: “You’ll never be able to find yourself if you’re lost in someone else.”

Track 13: One True Loves

One True Loves

Buy the book: One True Loves.

Multiple soulmates, a fiancé, and a husband that was believed to be dead. Intrigued? We thought so! This book is so wildly good and impossibly hard to put down.  

Favorite quote: “Just because something isn’t meant to last a lifetime doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be.”

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