Where Petals Meet Pages: Peep Our Bookmarks

Where Petals Meet Pages: Peep Our Bookmarks

At the heart of Page Petal is a love for the little things: a plant poking through the cracks of a sidewalk, the sound of pages turning, and the magical feeling of walking into a local bookstore. These pockets of joy inspire our team every day -- and we hope to channel this joy into each pressed flower bookmark you tuck between your current read. 

As we continue to expand our collection and introduce new bookish gifts to our collection, we find ourselves increasingly connected to the simple act of putting real flowers in bookmarks. It's a celebration of natural beauty and the soul-filling experience of reading a novel, a memoir, a comic book, a cookbook, or whatever reading companion you're holding in your hands. 

Here's a closer look at our handmade pressed flower bookmarks... 

Before they're turned into flowery bookmarks, our petals come from markets and our very own garden... 



Once we have our petals, we begin the process of pressing them by hand into a specially designed packet.

@pagepetal Replying to @washing.coinsx We use real flowers and base them off of literary characters! #bookish#booktok#bookworm#flowers#questions#comments ♬ Ac r7sheed - rhy 🎸🍃 🕸️


As soon as the bookmark has a "belly band" and our team puts a special touch on the final product, they're ready to go out into the world! We love seeing them in readers' hands (near and far), bookstores across the country, and so many sweet shops. 

Page Petal Bookmarks

We don't strive to make "perfect" bookmarks (although, we hope you love them and we do our best to make them look as lovely as possible!). Instead, our bookmarks are unique, completely one-of-a-kind, and made to embody the beauty of this wildly wonderful world.  

Join our growing community 

Page Petal is in bookshops and boutiques all over the country -- everywhere from Arizona to New Jersey. It fills our hearts with so much happiness to see our creations in stores we love... and surrounded by books in bookstores. We have to pinch ourselves sometimes, we're so excited! 


Here's a snapshot of stores currently sharing Page Petal with their customers:

If you'd like to get in on the bookish fun or just want to say hello, please send us a note at contact@pagepetal.com. We'd love to be pen pals! 

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