15 Unique Gifts for Flower Lovers

15 Unique Gifts for Flower Lovers

"I must have flowers, always and always." ~ Claude Monet

At Page Petal, we find that it's hard to put our love for flowers into words. Yes, they're beautiful, and each is unique with its own textures and shades. They also communicate hard-to-put-into-words emotions, ranging from love to sorrow to joy. But there's also something special about flowers and plants that make us feel instantly soothed, comforted, and happier. In fact, according to scientific studies, flowers are proven to make us feel better!

All of these reasons (and so many more) inspired us to put together a flower-themed gift guide. From birth month necklaces to flower-pressed bookmarks to adorable plants, there are so many ways to shower flower lovers with unique and beautiful gifts. 

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15 Gifts for Flower Lovers: Plants, Jewelry & More

1. Bloom Birth Month Necklace

Flower Necklace

Source: LiveFashionAble.com

This dainty flower necklace is customizable based on one's birth month. It's a sweetly elegant gift that has just the right amount of personalization. Shop now: Bloom Birth Month Necklace ($70).

2. Hoya Heart Plant


Source: The Sill 

How adorable is this little plant? We love that it's not only cute, but it's also pet-friendly and easy to keep alive. Just water it every 2-3 weeks and keep it in bright to indirect sunlight -- and you're good to go! Shop now: Hoya Heart Plant ($32).

3. Handmade Flower-Pressed Bookmark 


Share flowers that will last forever! Our handmade bookmarks are carefully pressed, preserved, and transformed into beautifully unique bookmarks. They're a perfect gift for readers and, of course, flower lovers! Shop now: Flower-Pressed Bookmarks ($7.99). 

4. Monstera Leaf Ornament

Source: Pauline Stanley Studio

Add a dash of nature with a sleek, sophisticated twist with these beautiful Monstera Leaf ornaments. Shop now: Monstera Leaf Ornament ($15)

5. Rainbow Planter

Source: Julie Richard Ceramist | Etsy

Give plants a happy home with these handmade rainbow planters. As a proud owner of three of them, I can attest they make every windowsill, ledge, and nook brighter and more joyful. Shop now: Mini Rainbow Planter ($56).

6. Personalized Garden Tools

Source: LastingImpressions14 | Etsy 

For the gardener in your life, these personalized tools are an equally practical and thoughtful gift. Shop now: Personalized Garden Tools ($30).

7. Birth Flower Ring

birth flower ring

Source: GLDN 

We're obsessed with this charming birth flower ring from GLDN. The design is dainty and delicate, and you can choose between three materials (silver, gold fill, and 14k gold). Shop now: Posy Huggies ($58).

8. Flower Puzzle 

piecework flower puzzle

Source: Piecework Puzzles

For a puzzle that looks like artwork, Piecework has you covered! Once you put this 500-piece puzzle together, you'll likely want to frame it. Shop now: Flower Heads Puzzle ($32).

9. Pastel Lotus Flower Candle

Source: BontaicalGoodsStore | Etsy 

A perfect addition to anyone's candle set, these lotus flower candles are ever-so-pretty and handmade with a soy wax blend. Shop now: Pastel Lotus Flower Candle ($6.95)

10. Palo Santo Bundle

Source: Wild Flora

This beautiful bundle comes with a small Crystal, a Mini Dried Bouquet, and Palo Santo. The epitome of good vibes and energy. Shop now: Palo Santo Bundle ($20)

11. Page Petal Tote Bag

page petal tote bag

Roomy, sturdy, and pretty. The Page Petal tote has our hearts — and our books, snacks, keys, wallet (the list goes on and on). Featuring our signature floral design with a minimalist aesthetic, this bag complements any outfit or outing. Shop now: Page Petal Tote ($20).

12.   Love Vase

Source: Anthropologie

This darling vase adds a pop of color to any room. We love how it's small, so it'll fit in the tiniest of nooks, and it's the perfect home for fresh blooms, eucalyptus, or dried flowers. Also, take a peek at the designer's website for more swoon-worthy inspiration. Shop now: Anthropologie Laetitia Rouget Love Vase ($20)

 13. Personalized Flower Phone Case

Source: Coverlab

How cute is this flower phone case? Between the vibrant florals and initials, we can't imagine a more practical and pretty gift for a flower lover. Shop now: Coverlab ($34 on sale).  

14. Wildflowers Candle

Source: Homesick

This candle is described as "a vibrant field of blooms as far as the eye can see." With notes of jasmine, lavender, and geranium complemented by sweet peony and rose, this candle will transport any flower lover to a happy place. Shop now: Wildflowers Candle- Homesick ($26)

15. Readers Pouch

Our handmade Readers Pouches are versatile and adorable. Each pouch features an interior divider, so you have a dedicated space for your reading glasses and your bookmarks — or a set of pens, highlighters, and a small snack. It’s perfect for keeping your reading essentials protected at home or taking them out & about. Shop now: Readers Pouches ($12)


Originally posted September 13, 2021, and updated December 26, 2022.

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