The Perfect Flower-Pressed Bookmark, Based on Love Languages

The Perfect Flower-Pressed Bookmark, Based on Love Languages

Every year, we find ourselves *very* overwhelmed by gift guides. Do we love to scroll through lists full of gift inspiration? Absolutely! (In fact, we made one for readers, here.) But when it comes to purchasing something, our indecisive sides take over, nothing feels quite right, and we feel like we know the our loved ones less than we actually do. Would they like a monogrammed sweater? Do they need a new pair of slippers? Did I get them a gift card to Starbucks last year? (Eh maybe, definitely not, and probably.) 

So this year, we're trying a new tactic: using our family members and friends’ love languages as reference when picking out gifts. Since we’re all about unique, handmade bookmarks here at Page Petal (the best gift of all IMO!) we put together these gift ideas based on each of the five love languages. We hope you find something that speaks to everyone on your list, including you! 

Not sure what your love language is... or the love languages of the people in your life? Check out this easy and 5-minute (ish) quiz

Words of Affirmation: Custom Quote Bookmark

For those who value words of affirmation, the custom quote bookmark is a fitting choice. You can put a favorite quote from a book, self-love affirmations, or a meaningful saying on a personalized flower-pressed bookmark. It’s a sweet reminder that will help set the tone when they sit down to read. Shop now: Custom Quote Bookmark.

Other gift ideas for readers with a words-theme: handwritten card, a book, or a journal

Gifts: Bookmark Collections

The more gifts, the better, right? :) In all seriousness, as someone who values a thoughtful gift, I’m equally as excited to receive a gift as I am when I give gifts. By giving them a collection of bookmarks, like the Great Gatsby Collection, Harry Potter Collection, and Pride & Prejudice Collection They can spread the love… or enjoy them all to themselves! Shop now: Page Petal Collection Bookmarks. 

Other ideas for readers & lovers of gifts: Page Petal tote, a gift card to their favorite bookstore or local coffee shop, a piece of bookish jewelry.  

Physical Touch: Custom Photo Bookmark

The Custom Photo Bookmark combines three of our favorite things: photos, flowers, and bookmarks! But what does it have to do with physical touch? We find there’s something extremely different about seeing a photo on a phone gallery and actually holding it in our hands. We imagine someone who values physical touch would agree! Shop now: Custom Photo Bookmark.

Other gift ideas: lotion, cozy blanket, or gift card to a spa. 

Quality Time: Custom Bookmark with Custom Band

Show that you put time and effort with your gift with a Custom Bookmark with Custom Band. This gift is 100% one-of-a-kind and they’ll value that you hand-selected every petal and customized the band to something just for them! Bonus: give your gift in-person or take time to call them to show you value spending time with them. Shop now: Custom Bookmark with Custom Band

Other gift ideas for quality-time lovers: experience gifts like puzzles, games, craft kits, and fitness classes. 

Acts of Service: Page Petal Tote & Gift Card

Sometimes the best gift we can give is the gift of choice. A Page Petal Gift Card will allow them to pick their favorite bookmark on their own time and get exactly what they want. If you’d like to give them something tangible, you can also pair the gift card with the Page Petal Tote Bag, which will give them a helping hand on their errands, trips to the bookstore, anywhere, and everywhere! Shop now: Page Petal ToteGift Card

Other service-oriented gift ideas: consider making a coupon book for errands, tasks, and things you'll do that would help them out! 

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